Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hermeneutics & Providence

First day of online class -- Hermeneutics began on Tuesday but I hadn't had a chance to access it until this afternoon. Have already listened to the lectures for the week -- will need to do my reading next so that I'm able to comment online.
Our ladies Bible study class finished the book of Esther, Beth Moore study this week -- the time passed so quickly. But the results will be felt for a long time to come. The Lord changed my Ebenezer during this study to "providence." The next week I experienced the Lord's providence on retreat -- a reversal of destiny! This study has had such an impact on my spiritual growth, I'm excited to see where it leads.
The hardest part was the previous Ebenezer of "wait" the Lord had given -- a warning actually to not "react" but to "process what was happening" and allow Him to show me how this fit in His plan.
The actual events -- being recognized by leadership for excellence this year at Discovery Program -- when I had reached the depths of despair, God revealed what he was doing through it all as He has done at other times of spiritual growth. Wanda's words for me: servant-heart, spiritual warrior and adaptability were another encouragement from the Lord. When we went away on our leadership retreat I didn't have to drive -- we were all together in one car and I didn't have to worry about the menu -- just brought what I was told to bring! What a blessing and time of refreshment...
How grateful I am that we are intimately intertwined in relationship with our Heavenly Father. As I listen for His still small voice, I learn not to jump ahead of Him but walk in the path He's revealing.
As difficult as it seems during times of pruning and burning the accumulated brush, what I desire most is to be molded into one who reflects the glory of the Lord. May He be the one others see in me and when they do -- may He receive ALL the glory for what He has done. I'm so thankful to NOT be who I WAS, to be clay in the potter's hand. May I always remain wet clay that clings to the potter for what He alone can do in and through me.